The NOTUS 95-PWM air cooler is aimed at the market for those users who want to get rid of the loud noise of stock fans at the lowest possible cost, as well as experience much better cooling performance. The most important features of this model are 2 copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6mm, more than 45 aluminum blades, 92mm fan with low noise, and speed of 2000RPM, along with low weight and quick and easy installation.

    Suitable for gaming and home systems
    Equipped with 2 Heat-pipes with a diameter of 6mm
    Heat-Pipe Direct Touch (HDT) technique for faster heat transfer
    It has an ultra-quiet 2000RPM fan equipped with a Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB) core
    Has the ability to easily remove the fan blade
    Small size with the ability to install in most standard ATX cases
    Ultra-low fan noise
    Low weight and quick and easy installation
    Equipped with 4Pin fan connector and using PWM technique to control fan speed
    Compatible with most processor sockets on Intel and AMD platforms

The NOTUS 95 PWM cooler with dimensions of 127x133x61mm and weighs 288g is the smallest Tower cooler made by GREEN, which can easily fit in small bags. This cooler has two U-shaped copper heat transfer tubes with a thickness of 6 mm copper that are in direct contact with the surface of the processor.

کولر نوتوس 95 گرین Notus 95 PWM

Thanks to the special designers of the machined fins, this cooling, air cycle, and heat dissipation are done by control methods. The NOTUS 95-PWM coolers are equipped with an ultra-low noise 92mm fan with Fluid Shield Bearing core and rotation speed of between 700RPM or 2000RPM, which thanks to the PWM feature, allows intelligent fan speed control, and the noise at max Fan rotation reaches 32dB.

Comparison table of technical specifications of NOTUS series coolers

Physical Specification
Cooling Family Air Cooler
Model NOTUS 95-PWM
Series NOTUS
Heat-Sink Type Heat-Pipe CPU Cooler
Heat-Sink Dimensions 97mm x 37mm x 133mm
Overall Dimensions 103mm x 61mm x 130mm
Heath-Sink Weight 200 Gram
Overall Weight 288 Gram
Number, Type and Diameter of the Heath-Pipes 2x 6mm U-Shaped
Number of Blades and Heat-sink Alloy 45x Pure Aluminum Fins
Heat-sink Surface Technology (Heat-Pipe Direct Touch (HDT
Fan Specifications
Fan Dimensions 92mm x 25mm x 92mm
Fan Speed 700-2000RPM ±5%
Max Fan Air Flow 65CFM
Fan Noise 20-32dBA ±5%
Fan Bearing (Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB
Detachable Fan Blades Yes
Fan RPM Control PWM
Fan Connector Type 4Pin PWM
Fan Voltage Range 6V-13.2V
Thermal Paste Specifications
Thermal Grease Type & Weight Pre-Install Thermal Paste
Socket Support
Intel Sockets LGA775 , LGA1150 , LGA1151 , LGA1155 , LGA1156 , LGA1200
AMD Sockets AM4 , AM3/+ , AM2/+ , FM1 , +/FM2
TDP Support 95W
Warranty and After-sales Service
Warranty Period 24 Mounths

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User Manual
Manual Containing Installation Guide And Technical Specifications
Size : 2.19MB
GREEN Product Catalog
Full GREEN Product Catalog for Q3-2020
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