The TINYGOLD 95-PWM air cooler is aimed at the market for those users who want to get rid of the high noise of stock fans at the lowest possible cost, as well as experience the cooling performance to some extent better. The most important features of this air cooler are the technique of direct heat transfer from the floor of the cooler to the fins, the ultra-low noise PWM fan with LED lighting, and the extremely fast and easy installation.

  •     Suitable for home and office systems
  •     Possessing the technique of direct heat transfer from the floor of the cooler to the blades
  •     Has an ultra-low 2200RPM fan equipped with a Hydraulic Bearing core
  •     Has the ability to easily remove the fan blade
  •     Small size with the ability to install in most standard ATX cases
  •     Ultra low fan noise
  •     Low weight and quick and easy installation
  •     Equipped with 4Pin fan connector and using PWM technique to control fan speed
  •     Compatible with most processor sockets on Intel and AMD platforms

TINYGOLD 95-PWM air cooler is the most powerful cooling member of TINYCOOL family, which other members of this series use Flower Style design. This air cooler is made of 130 anodized blades of the cupper, which are joined together at the end and form the base of this cooler. Thanks to the more fins of this air cooler, its efficiency is significantly different from other TINY series products.

کولر تاینی گلد 95 PWM

The TINYCOOL 95 uses an ultra-low-noise 92mm PWM fan with 4 white LEDs to circulate air between the aluminum fins. The fan speed of this cooler reaches a maximum of 2200RPM, in which case the noise is less than 22dBA. Also, its small size has made it one of the best choices for small systems.

In addition to the very easy and fast installation of this air cooler for all common AMD and Intel sockets, it is one of the biggest strengths of this cooler.

Comparison table of technical specifications of TINYCOOL series coolers

Physical Specification
Cooling Family Air Cooler
Series TinyCool
Heat-Sink Type Flower Style CPU Cooler
Heat-Sink Dimensions 109mm x 107mm x 63mm
Overall Dimensions 109mm x 107mm x 63mm
Heath-Sink Weight 250 Gram
Overall Weight 300 Gram
Number of Blades and Heat-sink Alloy 130x Copper Anodized Aluminum Fins
Heat-sink Surface Technology Mirror Polish Base Contact
Fan Specifications
Fan Dimensions 92mm x 25mm x 92mm
Fan Lighting 2x Blue LED
Fan Speed 1000-2200RPM ±5%
Max Fan Air Flow 49.7CFM
Fan Noise 18-22dBA ±5%
Fan Bearing Hydraulic Bearing
Detachable Fan Blades Yes
Fan RPM Control PWM
Fan Connector Type 4Pin PWM
Fan Voltage Range 6V-13.2V
Thermal Paste Specifications
Thermal Grease Type & Weight (Optimized TG / 0.33ml (1g
Socket Support
Intel Sockets LGA775 , LGA1150 , LGA1151 , LGA1155 , LGA1156 , LGA1200
AMD Sockets AM4 , AM3/+ , AM2/+ , FM1 , +/FM2
TDP Support 77W
Warranty and After-sales Service
Warranty Period 24 Mounths


User Manual
Manual Containing Installation Guide And Technical Specifications
Size : 2.06MB
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