Advantages of choosing the right power for your hardware

As you know, the use of power compatible with hardware leads to better performance of components, stabilizing the useful life of components, reducing computer power consumption, etc., along with the ability to upgrade hardware components in the future. But usually choosing the right power for the power and needs of hardware components for ordinary users is a difficult and complex task.

Better performance of hardware components

The compatibility of the power supply with the hardware increases the accuracy of the power output voltage as well as better power regulation in cross-loading, which will ultimately lead to better performance of the powered components.

Reduce computer power consumption

The proportion of power to the hardware causes the power to operate in the range of 20 to 80% of its output power. This range has the best conditions for the performance of standard power supplies in terms of reducing energy loss.

Stabilize the life of hardware components

The proportion of power to hardware reduces noise and ripple in the output voltage of the power supply, which will improve the performance of regulators and reduce their temperature, and ultimately stabilize the life of components.

Foresight in upgrading hardware components

The proportion of power to hardware will create a safe area for limited hardware upgrades in the future, and you will not have to pay again for a new power supply.

Therefore, the research and development unit of Green Planet Company "GREEN" based on its experience of more than twenty years and according to the information received from the main manufacturers of computer parts and the cooperation of several research centers in the field of electronics and informatics, has extracted Consumption tables of hardware components that have been considered and used by most domestic experts in recent years. But is just calculating the power consumption of the system a good criterion for choosing power?

Effective parameters in selecting power to fit the hardware requirements

12V + branch power output ratio

The most commonly used voltage in today's hardware components is the 12V + power output, and it is safe to say that the ratio of the output power of this branch to the amount of power consumption is more important than the proportion of the total power output.

The proportion of number and type of connectors

 Using conversion connectors to achieve the shape and number of connectors we need is a non-standard task with the risk of component vulnerabilities due to increased noise, etc... Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the fit of the connectors.

Power output power ratio

Since the separate release of hardware components, the most important parameter in determining the suitability of power to hardware. Attention has been paid to the overall power output of the power supply. But today this issue is just one of the effective criteria in choosing power.

Edit circuit, type of application, and other items

Finally, we need to define our goal of providing power. SSI EPS12V power supplies are suitable for server / professional systems and ATX12V standard power supplies are suitable for home systems.

Online software for calculating power consumption (GREEN CALCULATOR)

This online software has several stages that esteemed users must carefully and patiently select their desired parts step by step, so that finally this software, taking into account the main factors (total power consumption, power consumption) From the 12V + branch as well as the type and number of connectors required by the selected system) to suggest and introduce the minimum power required by you.

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