GREEN is our legacy...

Iranian Brand, Iranian Proud

The GREEN brand was coined by "Pardis Sanat Siyareh Sabz" Company in 1996 as a producer and supplier  of electronic, computer, and environmental products and equipment in Iran. The initial scope of the GREEN brand was to focus on environmental equipment, and gradually, based on the shortcomings of the hardware market and maintaining its original perspective, since 1998, we have  been producing and supplying computer cases and power supplies, comply with highest level of latest standards and compatible with environmental requirements regarding the energy efficiency. As this trend continued, a group of peripherals (keyboard, mouse, and speaker) along with a variety of water/air CPU cooling and All-In-One barebone under the name of PIO (Part-In-One) was gradually added to the company's product portfolio.

Achievements of "Pardis Sanat Siyare Sabz" Company

Pardis Sanat Siyareh Sabz Company, which has known by the "GREEN" brand, after more than two decades of profound effort and activity of management and professional team, now is known of the best companies in the field of information technology hardware. In this regard, Pardis Sanat Siyareh Sabz Company has succeeded to obtain the golden statuette of the best trademark of the technology festival under the prestigious ITA award for two consecutive periods in the biennial festival of Iranian technology awards for 2010-2011, 2012-2011 and 2014. Meanwhile, Pardis Sanat Siareh Sabz Company is honored to receive the Golden Medal of the best products from the T.STARS Festival of Technology Stars of Iran in 1389 and 1391, and also won three consecutive national certificates of consumer rights from the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization during 1393 to 1397 and the national statue of same organization in the years 1395 to 1397.

 The main objectives of Pardis Sanat Siyareh Sabz Company


  • Increasing the customer satisfaction level about Green warranty services and make development with the aim of quick and easy access to high level quality of  services for all customers
  • Continuous support of esteemed consumers by delivering up-to-date and world-class quality products with reasonable prices and the premium support services
  • Promoting the optimal use of computer hardware and creating suitable platforms to increase the level of customer information by holding courses and workshops throughout the country and applicant organizations
  • Increasing the level of productivity in production process and providing electronic products with appropriate efficiency to reduce and optimize energy consumption throughout the country
  • Increasing the quality level of products, beyond global standards to increase customer satisfaction by reducing customer need for warranty services
  • Development of sales and warranty network to create the necessary facilities for easier access of country-wide customers to the products and services of Pardis Sanat Siyareh Sabz Company
  • Collaborate with the best suppliers in each product category, for continuous updating and exchanging the information


Success factors of Pardis Sanat Siare Sabz Company


  • Providing honest information to customers has always been one of the biggest factors in our success.
  • Green after-sales service and warranty department, which has benefited from its experienced and experted personnel and following the main policy of protecting the rights of respected consumers, has provided the best service level in the shortest possible time in Tehran and all distribution centers across the country. Which is of the most important support factors  for Green to gain the reliance of consumers.
  • Relying on more than two decades of experience and benefiting from skilled and capable experts and using advanced laboratory equipment (the most equipped power supply performance testing laboratory in the Middle East), the Green Research and Development department identifies new market needs and provide a solution to improve the capabilities of current products, with new specifications or replace new products by the most recent identified parameters.
  • The professional marketing team of Green consists of representatives of different departments, such as; Public Relations, Sales, Research and Development, Warranty, Finance, Advertising, Commerce, Customer Affairs and Distribution Network representatives, provide various solutions to introduce and promote the characteristics of the brand, products, services, supports, etc.
  • The investment group in the resource planning department of Pardis Sanat Siyareh Sabz Company, with its strong financial support, is a powerful force to support fulfilling all  programs and goals approved by the board of directors.
  • The powerful sales department, using a strong management team and the best experts in sales affairs, develops  the main branches of distribution and identifies and links the sales subsets according to a predetermined pattern to support the availability of goods and services all around the country.
  • Identify, continuously evaluate, collaborate, and partner with the world's top manufacturers in the field of computer peripherals to continuously improve the design, production, and support of goods and services.
  • The expert group of customer affairs, with pre-sales and after-sales consulting, providing solutions for extensive support and after-sales services, has provided the comfort for all consumers of Green products with continuous provision of services


Power supply production line of GREEN factory at a glance

GREEN Planet Company Chart