Features such as five 120mm fans equipped with 15xRed LED lightning, 2-channel fan controller, all-transparent side door, 235mm wide to install massive and large air coolers, ability to install various types of water cooling along with exceptional prices, has made Z4 ASTIAK a smart choice for gamers and professionals.

  • Five pre-installed fans equipped with Red LED
  • Possibility to install water cooling simultaneously
  • Ability to support water cooling with radiator dimensions of 120/140/240/280/360mm
  • Ability to install biggest air coolers currently available on the market (with a maximum height of 175mm)
  • Benefit from 7 output expansion card slots
  • Benefit from two USB3.0 ports in the front panel
  • Equipped with 2 channel fan controller with the ability to control the speed of 5 fans
  • With the ability to control fan speed in 3 different modes
  • All-transparent tinted side cover with easily separated filters, in all air intakes and metal PSU cover


Simple appearance but being stylish at the same time along with modern facilities and of course, a very strong and extended structure is some of the most important features of this case. Also, this model is the first case with an all-glass side cover and is equipped with new Red LED fans under the GREEN brand.

کیس Z4 استیاک گرین

This model which is classified in the Advanced Super mid-Tower Gaming Chassis cases has the ability to install 7 expansion card slots which have made it possible to support multiple graphics cards.  On the other hand, the special structure design of this model has reduced cabling complexities along with its cabling management capability by considering a specific cage for installing storage equipment and power on the bottom tray of the case. In order to increase empty space inside the case, airflow has increased significantly, and finally assembling the case is done more easily and of course more beautifully.

کیس Z4 استیاک گرین

Also, as mentioned above, one of the other unique features of Z4 ASTIAK among former products of GREEN brand is equipping it with five 15xLED fans with the size of 120mm with red light and full-transparent side cover which has added to the beauty of this case more than ever.

کیس Z4_Astiak گرین

The main structure and interior space:

  • Benefit from inverted structure (installing power in the lower part of the case) in order to increase the function of interior cooling and individual design of separate cage for installing storage equipment and power

  • Ability to manage cabling easily from behind the motherboards tray due to the suitable space and distance between motherboards tray and side cover on the right side

  • Structure sheet of Japanese strong steel material (Japanese SECC)

  • The unique ability to support three water coolings simultaneously

کیس Z4_Astiak گرین مناسب برای واترکولینگ 360

  • Ability to install all professional CPU COOLER and without limitation in cooler dimensions

  • With a large vent in the motherboards tray and behind the CPU socket to replace or service CPU cooler easily

  • With easy and fast installing tools for HDD cages

کیس Z4_Astiak گرین

  • With so-called all-transparent glass coverage on side cover for beauty and visibility of inside the case

  • With long and strong legs to increase persistence and create suitable distance for better power ventilation

کیس Z4_Astiak گرین

Cooling system:

  • With air ventilation slots on all of the E-Slot brackets in the back of the case

  • With 3 fan speed control channels with the ability to adjust in three modes according to user requirements (High / Off / Low)

  • With sliding cellulosic filter in the lower part of the case with the ability of quick and easy separation (sliding) for washing and periodic service

کیس Z4_Astiak گرین

Features of GREEN ASTIAK case according to picture


کیس استیاک گرین Z4-Astiak


Physical Specification
Case Form Factor Mid-Tower
Dimensions 505mm x 235mm x 470mm
Weight 6800 گرم
Exterior Paint Black
Interior Color مشکی
Material 0.7mm Full SECC
Side Cover Material Fully Tinted Acrylic
PSU Cover دارد
Technical Specifications
Expansion Slots 7 Qty
Motherboard Support "Mini-ITX - 6.7" x 6.7 , "micro-ATX - 9.6" x 9.6 , "ATX - 12" x 9.6 , "SSI CEB - 12" x 10.5
Maximum GPU Length 390mm
SLI / CrossFireX Support 2Way / 3Way
Maximum CPU Cooler Height 175mm
Water Cooling Support 120mm , 240mm , 140mm , 280mm , (360mm (w/o ODD
PSU Position Botton position
Maximum PSU Length 235mm
Cable Management Yes
ODD Support 2 Qty
Combo Drive Support 2 Qty
HDD Drive Support 3 Qty
SSD Drive Support 3 Qty
Front Panel Ports 2x USB 3.0 , 2x USB 2.0 , HD Audio
Lighting With Red LED Fan
Dust Filter 2 عدد فیلتر با قابلیت جداسازی آسان در بخش جلو و سقف کیس، 1 عدد فیلتر کشویی در بخش کف کیس
Fan Controller Two Channel for 5 Fan in total
Total Fan Count 5 Qty
Pre-Installed Fans 5 Qty
Back Fan Mount (نصب شده) 1x 120mm
Front Fan Mount 140mm/(نصب شده) 2x 120mm
Top Fan Mount 140mm/(نصب شده) 2x 120mm
Installed Fans Specifications
Fan Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan Bearing (Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB
Max Fan RPM 1100RPM ±10%
Max Fan Air Flow 57CFM
Fan Voltage Range 5V - 13.0V - DC
Max Fan Rated Current 0.29A
Fan Lighting دارد (مجهز به 15xLED قرمز رنگ)
Warranty and After-sales Service
Warranty Period 24 ماه

Z4 ASTIAK Gallery

Shahrsakhtafzar Review
28 مرداد, 1395
Rating : 10 / 9.4
Conclusion : کیس GREEN Z4 ASTIAK فعلاً بی رقیب است، با قیمت گذاری فوق العاده ای که دارد، بی نظیر است. پشتیبانی از جدیدترین سخت افزارهای روز، طراحی مدرن و بهینه، برخورداری از 5 عدد فن 120 میلی متری از پیش نصب شده با نور LED سرخ، فن کنترلر دو کاناله با قابلیت کنترل در مجموع 5 عدد فن، فضای داخلی گسترده، پشتیبانی از مادربردهای عریض تر از ATX، پشتیبانی از بیش از یک کارت گرافیک با طول تا 390 میلی متر، برخورداری از یک جفت درگاه USB 3.0 و یک جفت درگاه USB 2.0، قابلیت مدیریت کابل بسیار منعطف، کیفیت ساخت خوب، درب بغل شفاف دودی، اسکلت معکوس و کابینت جداگانه برای پاور.

با برخورداری از 5 عدد فن از پیش نصب شده و پشتیبانی از انواع رادیاتورهای امروزی، بررسی ها و مقایسه های عملی ما نشان داد عملکرد خنک سازی GREEN Z4 ASTIAK تحسین بر انگیز است و می تواند برای قدرتمندترین سخت افزاری روز از جمله سیستم های گیمینگ با بیش از یک عدد کارت گرافیک روی آن حساب کرد. طراحی بهینه و فضای داخلی گسترده در کنار پشتیبانی از انواع واتر کولینگ، قدرت خنک سازی بسیار خوبی به این کیس بخشیده است.

هرچند از نگاه ما طراحی این کیس خیلی گیمر پسند نیست و می توانست بهتر باشد، خصوصاً طراحی درب دودی، اما در مجموع GREEN Z4 ASTIAK یک کیس مدرن با توانایی برآورده کردن نیاز طیف بسیار وسیعی از کاربران است. همچنین به خوبی فقدان تنوع رنگ یا به طور مشخص رنگ سفید حس می شود که امیدواریم در آینده نزدیک عرضه شود.
راهنمای نصب (User Manual)
راهنمای نصب و راه اندازی
Size : 2.0MB
GREEN Product Catalog
Full GREEN Product Catalog for Q3-2020
Size : 52.1MB

There are many factors involved in choosing the right case.
* Ability to install standard and convenient parts
* Proper cooling potential and cooling system
* Strength and stability commensurate with the internal components
* features such as input and output ports of the case
* Appearance and functionality with the place of use of the system (office, home, gaming, server and industrial)

The disadvantages of non-standard cases include the following:
* Interference of electromagnetic waves
* Impossibility of correct installation of parts inside non-standard cases
* Lack of strength of the panel and the body of the case
* Do not use the HD port in the audio output and non-standard output input ports
* Despite mentioning the USB2.0 port on the case, most cheap cases on the market have a USB1.1 port
* Lack of uniformity of glands in the integrated case system and the possibility of failure if there is a problem with the system input power
* Lack of proper ventilation of parts

By referring to the technical "Specifications" table of the case (maximum length of the graphics card) and matching the number inserted in the technical specifications table with the dimensions mentioned by the main manufacturer of the graphics card

By referring to the technical "Specifications" table of the case (maximum cooling height and the possibility of installing water cooling) and matching the number entered in the technical specifications table with the dimensions mentioned by the main cooler's manufacturer

By referring to the technical "Specifications" table of the case (maximum power length) and matching the number inserted in the technical specifications table with the dimensions mentioned by the main power manufacturer

By referring to the table of technical "Specifications" and matching the number entered with the desired number of storage devices

* The physical aspect of Case's warranty:
As you know, physical damage to any piece of hardware will not be covered by the warranty, and the physical warranty of the case is only for new products and before the system assembly. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a physical look at the case in the presence of the seller and make sure that its appearance is fine.

* Warranty of electronic and mechanical parts of the case:
However, you may not be able to make sure that some of the electronic and mechanical components of the case are in good condition by observing them. Therefore, all electronic components of GREEN cases, including USB and Audio ports, as well as mechanical components, including pre-installed fans of the case, will be covered by the GREEN Warranty for a period of 24 months from the date of manufacture. It should be noted that the warranty of these electronic and mechanical parts will not include their physical damage.

Due to the impossibility of investigating the problem that has arisen in the company's internal transportation system or by the esteemed buyer, it is definitely recommended to take a closer look at the case in the presence of the seller and make sure of the appearance of its body. Otherwise, providing services to physically damaged cases will involve cost and possibly time due to supply the part.

To install the fans by default on the case by GREEN is correct, but if you want to move or add a fan to the case, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
* To enter the cool air from the front, it is on the main door of the case and the bottom of the case
* For hot air outlet from the back and roof of the case
* In all standard fans, on the back of the fan, where the label of technical specifications and the name of the fan are mentioned, which is the output and direction of the fan flow in this direction.

In general, there are three types of sockets for connecting case fans:
a) 3-pin socket
b) 4-pin PWM socket
c) 4-pin Molex socket
The 3-pin and 4-pin PWM sockets must be connected to your motherboard, or if there is a controller fan on the case, it must be connected to the case controller fan, and in these two models it is possible to control the fan speed by the motherboard or the controller fan.
The 4-pin Molex model connects directly to the system power supply and it is not possible to control the fan speed

In this video, the reasons and solutions to solve this problem are fully explained:


If you encounter a special case in which you could not choose the right case, you can call +982188911378 (ext. 7551 to 7555) and our experts will answer your questions in this regard.