The GK601-RGB is without a doubt one of the most expensive RGB gaming keyboards on the market. Pseudo-mechanical keys, 9 lighting modes with customization, a backlight with the ability to adjust the brightness, and 19 anti-Ghost keys are the most prominent features of this gaming keyboard.

  • 19 anti-Ghost keys with the ability to press different keys simultaneously
  • Long life and high precision mechanical hybrid keys
  • Has Game Mode capability
  • Ambient Sound Effect (lighting according to ambient volume)
  • Has RGB backlight with numerous and very beautiful light effects
  • Support for Persian fonts with keys with laser Persian fonts
  • FN key combination to control multimedia functions
  • Ergonomic design along with very high build quality


The GK601 keyboard has a backlight with RGB LED technology. This feature allows gamers to choose from a wide range of colors to suit their tastes. There are also several light effects in this product to convey enough excitement to users while playing. Examples include Breathing, Color Rotation, Rainbow, and Ambient Sound Effect (ASE) modes, which respond to ambient sound with attractive light effects. From the keyboard settings, set the LED background brightness level to 4 degrees.

In the design of this product, all additional margins and non-functional keys have been removed so that this product, while having very high efficiency, has a relatively reasonable price. Despite the small and compact dimensions of this keyboard, its keys are made in large dimensions to create a memorable experience for gamers. The GK601 gaming keyboard is equipped with 104 Hybrid keys, which have much higher accuracy and lifespan than conventional keys, and in addition to the smooth movement of membrane keyboards, they also have tactile feedback similar to mechanical buttons.


The GK601 keyboard keys are equipped with the Anti-Ghosting feature and up to 19 keys have this feature. This feature prevents key interference in games where many buttons are pressed at short intervals.

Finally, the well-built and affordable GK601-RGB keyboard is available to gaming enthusiasts with an 18-month GREEN warranty.

Physical Specifications
Product Type RGB Backlight Gaming Keyboard
Model GK601-RGB
Dimension 455mm x 153mm x 36mm
Weight 760g
Color Black
Material High-Strength ABS plastic
Keys Printing Type Laser engraved
Technical Specifications
Interface Wired
keys Type Hybrid
Number of keys 104
Number of Multimedia keys 12 pieces (common with F1-F12 keys)
Backlight RGB
Lighting Yes (9 Mode)
Anti Ghosting Has 19 keys with Anti-Ghosting
Connection Type USB 2.0 / 150cm
Polling Rate 125Hz
Power Supply (USB Bus (+5V
MTBF 10Million Keystrokes
OS Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Warranty and After-sales Service
Warranty Period 18 Months

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Sakhtafzar Review
24 فروردین, 1397
Rating : 5.0 / 4.0
Conclusion : صفحه کلید GREEN GK601-RGB، با در اختیار داشتن سیستم Anti-Ghosting، نورپردازی RGB، کلید‌های ترکیبی برای تنظیمات نورپردازی و کنترل مالتی‌مدیا بر روی سیستم‌عامل، به عنوان یک محصول میان‌رده و ارزان قیمت در بازار جایگاه ویژه‌ایی دارد. بی‌نیاز بودن این محصول به نرم‌افزار، پل ارتباطی کاربر و امکانات آن را بسیار راحت کرده و دیگر کاربر درگیر تنظیمات پیچیده نورپردازی و تعریف آنها برای استفاده روزانه توسط سیستم‌عامل نمی‌شود.

هر چند ویژگی‌های اشاره شده بسیار دلچسب به نظر می‌رسند اما، دقت پایین در رنگ‌آمیزی بدنه محصول و به کار نگرفتن کلید‌های مکانیکی برای W-S-A-D برای تیم سخت‌افزار ناامید کننده بود. در هر صورت، صفحه کلید GREEN GK601-RGB برای آن دسته از کاربرانی که توانایی هزینه‌های زیاد برای خرید محصولی گران قیمت را ندارند و همچنان نیازمند یک محصول با نورپردازی RGB، تنظیمات مالتی‌مدیا و کلید‌های شبه مکانیکی هستند، گزینه مناسبی به شمار می‌رود.
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