GREEN UK+ series power supplies are the most modern mid-range gaming power supplies currently from GREEN brand. High energy efficiency in accordance with 80PLUS GOLD, ultra-low noise performance, complete safety protections, 62 months warranty, very small dimensions, and all-flat output cables are the most prominent features of this series.

  •     Very beautiful and eye-catching design with military-style
  •     Suitable for gaming applications and use 24/7
  •     Ability to provide maximum output power even at ambient temperature up to 45°C
  •     Modern Half-Bridge topology with Resonant Tank Converter (LLC Resonant) in the initial section
  •     Topology of DC-DC converters with synchronous rectification in the secondary section
  •     Equipped with ultra-efficient German MOSFETs (Low-RDS) on the third generation OptiMOS
  •     Equipped with all safety protections along with much faster and more accurate performance
  •     Voltage Regulation less than 2.5% for output rails 3.3V, 5V and 12V
  •     Utilizing 105°C capacitors in all sections and Japanese capacitors in the initial section
  •     Ripple and 12V rail voltage noise output of up to a quarter of global standards
  •     Ultra-quiet fan equipped with FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) type bearing
  •     Efficiency up to 92.5% beyond 80Plus GOLD certification
  •     The output cables are completely flat
  •     62 months warranty and 10 years after-sales service


Special and eye-catching design in military-style


Be special!

The very beautiful and eye-catching design of the UK PLUS Green series power supplies with military-style and context, according to the tastes of gamers. This feature will undoubtedly be one of the turning points in increasing the attractiveness of your gaming system.



Low volume design to occupy less space

Thanks to the modern and optimized design of the UK PLUS series power supplies, the length of this series of green power supplies has reached a maximum of 140mm. This has increased the compatibility of this series with limited space cases such as Micro-ATX models and HTPC platforms.


Efficiency in accordance with the 80Plus GOLD standard

Having the most modern topologies in the primary and secondary sections along with extremely high-quality parts in the construction of UK PLUS power supplies has caused the energy efficiency of the second generation of these power supplies to reach a maximum of about 92.5%. This efficiency has reduced energy consumption and electricity costs, very cool performance, very low noise, and significantly increased the life of this series of power supplies.


Full-flat output cables + 16AWG thickness

In UK PLUS series power supplies, every output cables are the flat type with all-black color. Felt cables are more flexible than conventional types, which makes parts cabling easier and makes the system assembly more beautiful. Also, some PCI-E outputs of the UK PLUS series power supplies are equipped with a 16AWG cable. These cables have more than 40% more current carrying capacity (more than 10A) than 18AWG models. The result will be less voltage drop and less loss, which will increase energy efficiency and reduce cable heat.


Half-Bridge topology in the initial part

Thanks to the modern and highly efficient Half-Bridge topology along with the LLC Resonant converter, which softens the switching waveform (Soft Switching); and the practical realization of Zero Voltage Switching at the input, EMI, RF carriers, and switching losses at the input is reduced and efficiency Energy efficiency increases significantly.


Resonant Tank Converter (LLC Resonant)

Resonant Tank Converter (LLC Resonant) allows the switching speed of the inlet MOSFETs to be much higher than the previous generation topologies. In practice, this will significantly increase energy efficiency (Efficiency), especially in the event of no-load situations.


More accurate performance of safety protections

The Supervisor chip is the most important part of all switching power supplies in modern power supplies. In the UK PLUS series power supplies, the Supervisor chip is much more modern and accurate than the previous-generation models, and the customizations made in its biasing, in practice, provide a much narrower and more precise range for controlling OCP, OPP, and OTP protections.


Complete safety protections at the input and output

UK PLUS series power supplies to support all safety protections just like high-end models in both input and output. Components such as MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) and NTC Thermistor along with efficient filter and two EMI layers in the input part of this series have insured against RF carriers, annoying harmonics, instantaneous spikes, and inrush current. Also in the output part, Thanks to the new Supervisor chip and the optimizations made for the precise configuration of this chip, all output parameters such as voltage, current, and heat are checked online and instantly, and in case of any of the values ​​exceeding the specified range, to maintain health Power and components; Power off command is issued as soon as possible.


Topology of DC-DC converters with synchronous rectification in the secondary section

The UK PLUS series power supplies in the secondary section use the latest and most modern design, ie DC-DC converters with synchronous rectification. In this technique, there is no sign of the output of Schottky diodes and they have been completely replaced by Power MOSFETs. Also, due to the installation of DC-DC converters in this section, the voltage of each of the main output branches (12V, 5V, 3.3V) is generated and paid completely independently. In practice, this has further stabilized the voltage level of the named rails in Cross Load (unbalanced load distribution on output branches), Zero Load (completely idle state) states, and added NLO protection to the capabilities of this series of power supplies.


Japanese electrolyte capacitor of 105°C in the primary part

In the initial part of the UK PLUS series power supplies, one Japanese electrolytic capacitor with the ability to operate at 105°C has been used. These types of capacitors are more than 4 times longer than similar Taiwanese capacitors of the 85°C type and are significantly more resistant to current ripple.


Stable performance even at ambient temperature 45°C

Optimized modern design and having quality materials and parts along with an efficient and intelligent cooling system has made the power supplies of the UK PLUS Green series, even at the ambient temperature of 45°C, the possibility of providing its nominal power in a completely stable.


Maximum ripple voltage of 12V rail equivalent to a quarter of global standards

Ripple and output noise is one of the most important factors in reducing the useful life of power and equipment connected to it. The 12V rail voltage ripple output of the UK PLUS series power supplies is the most stringent and newest standard of ATX power supplies due to the modern topology of implementation in the primary and secondary sections. This ensures the high purity of the voltage of this rail and its stability even in the most difficult conditions.


Two-stage EMI filter in the input section + efficient inrush current control circuit


Thanks to the two-stage and complete filtering in the input section of the UK PLUS series power supplies, the EMI / RFI carriers created by the MOSFETs and input switches will not penetrate the city's power transmission and distribution network under any circumstances. Also, thanks to two NTC Thermistors and MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) installed in this section, UK PLUS series power supplies are insured against primary inrush currents and high voltage spikes of the city. In addition, the inrush current control circuit in the UK PLUS series power supplies is equipped with a short circuit relay, just like the high-end power supplies. This relay minimizes power consumption immediately after the end of the inrush current with a short circuit of the NTC Thermistor.


Modern, high-efficiency and low-RDS MOSFETs on the third generation of OptiMOS

UK Plus power supplies owe much of their extremely high energy efficiency to German MOSFETs (manufactured by Infineon) for their high-speed switching, Low-RDS, and extremely low leakage currents in their secondary section. This ultimately results in extremely cool performance and a very long lifespan of this series of GREEN power supplies.


* Photo is related to GP650A-UK PLUS model


Ultra-low noise fan equipped with FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) type bearing

UK PLUS series power supplies with high quality 120mm fan and in industrial applications class are equipped with FDB technology. FDB fans, which are currently one of the most modern bearing systems, have an even longer life span and, of course, much less acoustic noise than Double Ball Bearing fans. Also, thanks to the ultra-smart fan controller for the new generation UK PLUS power supplies, the sound noise of these models is very low up to about 70% to 80% of the rated power of the power supply, and in this range practically no sound from the power fan will reach the user.


A new generation of cooling heatsinks in the output section

Due to the use of modern and ultra-efficient MOSFETs (Low-RDS) in the SMD type in the 12V output rail and their installation in the back of the PCB, heat dissipation is not possible with conventional methods. The heat is transferred to the PCB in the fastest time and with the maximum possible efficiency is transferred to the other side of the PCB and is repelled by the air flow created by the fan.


62 months warranty and 10 years after-sales service

GREEN Co. has extended the warranty of this series of mid-range power supplies to 62 months due to the appreciation of the unique, respected, and intelligent customers of the company's products and due to the exceptional performance and exemplary manufacturing quality of HP EVO series power supplies. Also, GREEN Warranty is ready to provide after-sales service of this series of power supplies to the esteemed customers of this company for up to 10 years.


Diagram of energy consumption efficiency, power factor and fan performance


Configuring output cables


Current and power distribution table of output rails


General specifications
Series UK Plus
Model GP650A-UK Plus
Continuous Power 650W
Form Factor ATX PS2
Dimensions 86mm x 150mm x 140mm
Weight 1680 Gram
Case Color Black
Material SECC
Cable Management Type Fixed
Cables Type Full Flat Cable
Regulatory FCC, CE, CB, cTUVus, TUV, CCC, Wee
Technical Specifications
ATX 12V Standard Version v2.4
80Plus 80PLUS GOLD
AC Input 200-240Vac RMS
Input Current 6.0A
Working Humidity Range 90% - 20%
Continuous Output Rated Temperature 0°C - 45°C
Frequency 47Hz - 63Hz
230V Effceincy Range 92.5% - 90%
Average 230 V Efficiency 91%
Standby Power Consumption (ErP Ready (< 0.5W at Standby Mode
PFC Type Active PFC
Power Factor From 0.95
Hold-Up-Time 16ms @ 80% Load
Primary Side Topology Half-Bridge & LLC Resonant Converter
Secondary Side Topology Synchronous Rectification & DC-DC converters
Primary Capacitor Type All-Japanese 105°C Electrolyte
Secondary Capacitors Type All-Japanese 105°C Electrolyte And Solid
Protections OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP, OTP, SIP, NLO
PowerGood Signal 100ms - 500ms
MTBF 100.000hrs @ 25°C, 230Vac, 50Hz
Fan Type & Size (120mm FDB Technology (Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Number of output power connectors
MB 20+4 Pin 1 Qty
CPU 12V 4+4 Pin 1 Qty , 2 Qty
PCI-e 6+2 Pin 3 Qty
SATA 6 Qty
4Pin Molex 3 Qty
FDD Connector 1 Qty
Current and power of output rails
12V Max Load+ 650W
Max 3.3V+ & +5V Combined Power 120W
Maximum +12V Output Current 54.2A
Maximum +5V Output Current 22A
Maximum +3.3V Output Current 22A
Maximum +5V/SB Output Current 3.0A
Maximum -12V Output Current 0.3A
Warranty / After-sales service
Warranty Period 62 months warranty and 10 years after-sales service

GP650A-UK Plus Gallery

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Manual Containing Installation Guide And Technical Specifications
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• The expiration date of the power supply is indicated on the barcode label of the device serial number (installed on the power supply and product box) and the GREEN warranty criterion for after-sales service support is only at the same date.

• Any damage or tampering with the barcode, the serial number of the device, or the sealing label of the power supply guarantee will invalidate.

• Environmental conditions for using switching power supplies such as temperature range, humidity, and basic ventilation are listed on the technical specifications label and manual. Power operation outside the mentioned conditions will void the warranty.

• Any physical damage such as melting and deformation of connectors, burning and any damage to wires, deformation, and paleness of the metal box caused by improper transportation and operation will void the warranty.

• Switching power supply warranty only includes technical defects due to power generation operations, technical defects due to opening the power door by unauthorized persons, tampering with internal circuits, incompatibility of power output for power supply with consumable hardware and installation in non-standard places and conditions, etc. is not included in the warranty service.

• Any damage caused by impact, natural disasters, fire, city power fluctuations, physical damage, fluid ingress is not covered by the warranty.

• Any physical damage, breakdown, or damage caused by improper operation by unconventional software and hardware outside the technical specifications of Power such as non-computer industrial applications (such as LED boards) and crypto-currency extraction (mining) will void the warranty.

• In case of general system damage to your PC components, according to our experts, GREEN Warranty will ONLY include the provision of services to the Power supply. Other hardware components and information stored by the user will not be covered by our warranty services.

• In all modular and semi-modular power supplies, each model has its own special cables. Replacing the cables with miscellaneous samples and not approved by GREEN experts or using other series cables and different models of GREEN power supplies on another model will invalidate the warranty.

• Any change in the specifications of the device and its opening by unauthorized persons will invalidate the warranty.

• Due to the rapid growth and development of computer parts, in the absence of the original model of the device, alternative models are offered, taking into account the price difference of the time being.

• Defective power supply to sales agents or warranty service office for replacement (according to warranty conditions), repair, or complete technical testing is the responsibility of the buyer.

1. Please make sure that the power cord is properly connected and that the power button on the back of the power supply is on.

2. Please ensure the correct and complete connection of all cables as well as the correct direction of the connectors to your system.

3. Make sure there is no short circuit in the system. To do this, remove one of the system components from the circuit each time and try again.

4. If any of the above happens to you, unplug the power supply for 2 minutes and turn it off. Then reconnect the power supply.

5. If Power fails to turn on the system in compliance with any of the above, please contact GREEN after-sales service.

For this purpose, from the top menu of the website, click on the "Calculator" section. Then, select the technical specifications of your parts. Finally, this system introduces the appropriate power supply compatible with your system.

Complete testing of switching power supplies requires specialized equipment and trained personnel. Using the following trick, you can ensure the initial health of your power supply:

- First disconnect all power connectors from the system and power supply. Then connect the desired power to the power wall outlet and turn on the power switch on the back of the power. Next, connect the green wire (pin number 15) and one of the black wires (pin number 16) to the 24-pin power connector using a wire. If the power fan turns on, your power supply is apparently in "OK" status.

- For 12V+ voltage (yellow wires) maximum 5% ± Nominal value: 12.6V+ to 11.4V+

- For voltage 5V+ (red wires) maximum 5% ± Nominal value: 5.25V+ to 4.75V+

- For voltage 3.3V+ (orange wires) maximum 5% ± Nominal value: 3.47V+ to 3.14V+

- For 5VSB+ voltage (paint wire) maximum 5% ± Nominal value: 5.25V + to 4.75V+

- For voltage 12V- (blue wire) maximum 10% ± Nominal value: 10.8V- to 13.2V-

Yes. Thanks to the Active PFC circuit and the protections provided in the input section of the GREEN power supplies, there is no need to worry about connecting this type of UPS to all models of GREEN power supplies.

No. Strictly avoid connecting cables of different models to other models. The arrangement of the pins, the diameter of the wires and the metal alloy of the connectors is unique in different families of GREEN power supplies. Use only the cables inside the power box or the cables approved by the GREEN after-sales service unit.

No. Most PCIe risers on the market carry even more power than the standard for PCIe x16 (about 75W). However, according to ATX standards, SATA and molex connectors have a maximum power transfer of 54W. This means that 21W is applied more to these connectors and this will cause many problems for the user.

The processor power connector (E-ATX) in all green power supplies is of 4 + 4 pin type, which are connected to each other through a special socket. To separate this socket, just pull the socket out from both sides.

This blank pin corresponds to a voltage of -5V. This voltage has been removed in power supplies with ATX12V v2.01 and above. As a result, all modern and new power supplies do not have this pin.

In this video, the reasons and solutions to solve this problem are fully explained:

- If you live in Tehran, send your defective device with all accessories and boxes to GREEN after-sales service unit at the following address:
No.215, Between Gharani Ave & Nejatollahi St, Somayeh St

- If you live in Iran but not in Tehran, find the nearest after-sales service Agents to your place of residence on the "Agents" page and deliver the defective device to the desired representative.