Ultra-silent fan GF120-FSB is designed for applications where ultra-low noise along with good airflow, reasonable price, and of course longevity is a priority. FSB (Fluid Shield Bearing) technology with inspired blades Shark fins with anti-vibration pads installed on both sides of the fan body are the most prominent features of this model.

  • Ultra-low noise
  • Ability to quickly and easily remove the blade from the body for periodic service
  • The special design of Shark-Fin in the blades to increase and focus the volume of passing air
  • Benefit from FSB (Fluid Shield Bearing) technology with long life
  • Has anti-vibration pads at the connection to the case body
  • The best fit between performance with sound and fan vibration with anti-shake pads


GREEN Company unveiled its new series of ultra-quiet fans in the size of 120mmx120x25mm, called GF120-FSB! This fan is recommended for installation on standard Mid-Tower cases and air conditioners suitable for this size.

فن گرین GF120FSB کم صدا و قدرتمند
This 12 cm fan has a special design with special appendages (like a shark fin) on its seven blades, which in addition to increasing the beauty, increases the airflow and optimizes static pressure (fan blowing focus).

The GF120-FSB fan blades have a quick and easy detachment from the connection to the core so that you do not need to fully open the fan for periodic service and cleaning.

فن گرین GF120FSB کم صدا و قدرتمند

Thanks to this design, and despite the low fan rotation (1100 rpm), the volume of the GF120-FSB fan output air has been increased to 57CFM and its air throw pressure to 1.45mm / H2O, which is unique in its kind.

The GF120-FSB uses Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB) technology in its core design, which reduces electromotor motor noise (reduces friction between shaft and core), increases fan efficiency, and stabilizes its lifespan up to 100,000 hours under standard conditions.

Also, thanks to the use of 8 silicone anti-vibration pads at the connection of the fan to the wall of the case or cooler, we will not have any additional vibration or noise from the fan operation at different angles.

This fan GREEN has a black flat output cable with a 3pin connector, which is for use (except for the direct connection to the motherboard), a 10 cm 3pin to 4pin Molex converter with 4 screws is included in the package.

It should be noted that the body of this fan was designed by local experts and its mold and core were made by one of the most reputable global fan manufacturers.

فن گرین GF120FSB کم صدا و قدرتمند


Technical Specifications
Cooling Family Case Fan
Model GF120-FSB
Fan Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan RPM Control DC Voltage
Fan Airflow Type Air Flow
Color of Blade & Frame Body: Black / Blades: Gray
Fan Bearing (Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB
Number & Technology of Blades 7x Shark’s Fin Blades
Detachable Fan Blades Yes
Fan Speed 1100RPM ±5%
Max Fan Air Flow 57CFM
Max Fan Air Pressure 1.45mm/H2O
Fan MTBF 100.000Hrs
Fan Noise 19dBA - max
Fan Voltage Current 12V / 0.14A
Fan Voltage Range (6V ~ 13.0V (DC
Fan Power Consumption 1.7W
Fan Connector Type 3Pin / RPM Monitoring
Length and Type of Wire 300mm / Flat Black Sleeved Cable
Stabilization Pad 8x Anti Vibration Silicone Pad
Installation tool 4x Black Screw
Warranty and After-sales Service
Warranty Period 24 Mounths

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