The ultra-powerful GF120-HAF is a combination of ultra-high airflow and managed noise that does not vibrate even at maximum rotation speeds. The core with FSB technology (Fluid Shield Bearing) along with shark fin-inspired blades with anti-vibration pads installed on both sides of the fan body are the most prominent features of this model.

  • Very high speed, pressure, and flow volume (2100RPM / 800CFM / 2.3mm-H2O)
  • Ability to quickly and easily remove the blade from the body for periodic service
  • The special design of Shark-Fin in the blades to increase and focus the volume of passing air
  • Benefit from long-lasting Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB) technology
  • Benefit from PWM capability (RPM ratio with pulse received from the source)
  • The best fit between performance with sound and fan vibration with anti-shake pads


Following the widespread popularity of ultra-quiet, high-quality GF120FSB fans, GREEN has introduced a different and more powerful version of this fan called the GF120-HAF.

فن پر سرعت و قدرتمند گرین GF120-HAF


فن پر سرعت و قدرتمند گرین GF120-HAF

One of the most important changes in the new GF120-HAF GREEN fan is the doubling of the fan rotation speed to 2100RPM and its PWM capability compared to the GF120-FSB fan, which increases the GF120-HAF blowing power. Therefore, the GF120-HAF GREEN can be used in a wide range of cooling devices, including radiators, air cooling machines, and finally many cases.

This fan has seven blades with a special design like a shark fin for better airflow transmission, which in addition to increasing the beauty, increases the flow of passing air and optimizes the static pressure (fan blowing concentration).

فن پر سرعت و قدرتمند گرین GF120-HAF

The powerful GF120-HAF GREEN fan blades, like the GF120-FSB, are quick and easy to remove from the core connection so you do not need to fully open the fan for periodic service and cleaning.

فن پر سرعت و قدرتمند گرین GF120-HAF

The GF120-HAF fan uses Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB) technology in its design, which reduces the electric motor noise (reduces friction between the shaft and the core), increases the fan efficiency, and stabilizes its lifespan up to 100,000 hours in standard conditions.

فن پر سرعت و قدرتمند گرین GF120-HAF

Another outstanding feature of this fan is the benefit of PWM capability, which allows the user to adjust the speed of his system fan with the internal components of the case without any other program. Also, thanks to the use of 8 silicone anti-vibration pads at the connection of the fan to the wall of the case or cooler, we will not have any vibration or noise in addition to the function of the fan at different angles.

Technical Specifications
Cooling Family Case Fan
Model GF120-HAF
Fan Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan RPM Control PWM
Fan Airflow Type Air Flow
Color of Blade & Frame Body: Gray / Blades: Black
Fan Bearing (Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB
Number & Technology of Blades 7x Shark’s Fin Blades
Detachable Fan Blades Yes
Fan Speed 800-2100RPM ±5%
Max Fan Air Flow 80CFM
Max Fan Air Pressure 2.3mm/H2O
Fan MTBF 100.000Hrs
Fan Noise 25dBA - max
Fan Voltage Current 12V / 0.4A
Fan Voltage Range (5V ~ 13.5V (DC
Fan Power Consumption 4.8W
Fan Connector Type 4Pin PWM + 100mm Molex Adapter
Length and Type of Wire 500mm / Flat Black Sleeved Cable
Stabilization Pad 8x Anti Vibration Silicone Pad
Installation tool 4x Black Screw
Warranty and After-sales Service
Warranty Period 24 Mounths

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Sakhtafzar Review
22 بهمن, 1394
Rating : 5.0 / 4.5
Conclusion : در این بررسی به تحلیل فن GREEN GF120-HAF پرداختیم. این فن کیفیت ساخت خوبی دارد و از طول عمر خوبی نیز برخوردار است. میزان جریان هوای ایجاد شده توسط این فن کاملا راضی کننده بوده و به همین دلیل، استفاده از آن را حتی برای خنک کننده های مختلف پردازنده پیشنهاد می کنیم. همان طور که در بررسی اشاره کردیم، شرکت سیاره سبز برای افزایش سرعت چرخش نسبت به مدل FSB، به جای افزایش جریان کاری، از موتور قدرتمندتری استفاده کرده است. نویز تولیدی این فن در وضعیت بسیار خوبی قرار داشته و همانطور که اشاره کردیم، تا 60 درصد سرعت چرخش، کماکان صدایی از آن به گوش نخواهد رسید. OEM اصلی پروفایل PWM این را به گونه ای تنظیم کرده، تا سرعت چرخش آن به طور 100 درصد در اختیار کاربران قرار گیرد. در مورد لرزش نیز، حتی در حداکثر سرعت چرخش، این فن هیچ گونه لرزشی از خود نشان نمی دهد. تنها نقطه ضعفی که توانستیم از این فن پیدا کنیم، نویز تولیدی در دورهای بالا است.

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