Z6 ARTEMIS case is targeting people who are interested in RGB lightning. Due to the side and front cover of hard tempered glass and the design of special skeleton of this case, the ability to display each part equipped with lightning (even power) is provided for the user. Also containing five 120 mm fans equipped with ARGB lightning and supporting E-ATX size motherboards are other features of this valuable case besides its reasonable price.

  • Extended interior space with the ability to install motherboards with the maximum size of E-ATX (12”×13”)
  • Equipped with 9-channel ARGB fan/lightning remote controller (IR)
  • Ability to synchronize the speed of fan rotation and the lightning effect with most motherboards.
  • Supporting water cooling with 120/240 mm radiators
  • Possibility of installing air cooling with a maximum height of 170mm
  • Possibility of installing professional and long graphics cards with maximum dimensions of 375mm
  • Benefit from 8 expansion card slots to support up to 4 graphics cards
  • Side hard tempered glass with the ability to fully display interior space
  • With the magnetic filters in all air inlet and outlet duct
  • Ability to install power vertically for a better performance of RGB lightning

Everything is prepared for perfect RGB lighting!

Due to the special design of the Z6 ARTEMIS case skeleton beside its transparent side and front covers with a lighting controller and five 120mm ARGB fans, all the necessary arrangements for assembling a system with stunning and attractive lighting are prepared. If you are interested in RGB lightning this model is undoubtedly one of the best options among Green Cases.


ARGB lighting system has dozens of eye-catching effects

Z6 ARTEMIS case is equipped with ARGB (Addressable RGB) lighting system. In this new lightning technique, due to digital control signals and addressing capability and distinct control of each light-emitting diode, you’ll observe far more beautiful lightning effects. In addition, the lightning controller considered for this case can be synchronized with most of the motherboards (MB Sync) equipped with an ARGB 3pin (5V) connector in addition to having dozens of colors and lightning effects (with speed adjustment ability).


Side and front cover of hard tempered smoke gray glass

Transparent side cover with the ability to display interior hardware of the case, has always been one of the most important and attractive features of gaming cases.
Hard tempered glass with a smoke gray color has been considered for the Z6 ARTEMIS case side and front cover. The light smoke gray color of this transparent cover, in practice, increases the color concentration of RGB lightning of this case and adds to its attractiveness more than ever.


Firm skeleton with modern design along with anti-slip legs

Thanks to the application of a 0.9mm thick sheet in addition to the modern design of the skeleton and anti-slip legs considered for the GREEN Z6 ARTEMIS case, the strength of this case has significantly increased and its stability is guaranteed on surfaces of different materials. Also in this model, all inlet and outlet ducts are covered by cellulosic and magnetic filters which can be easily detached and washed with water to absorb dust and particular matter like lint or even metal microscopic particles immediately so they don’t get into the case.


Very high potential for supporting a wide range of fans and water cooling

The optimized Z6 ARTEMIS case skeleton is designed to have the ability to install up to 8 fans with the size of 120mm and water cooling with dimensions of 120/240mm. Moreover, thanks to the 235mm case width and despite of proper space for managing to cable behind the motherboard tray, the ability to install 170mm high air cooling is provided for this case.


Efficient space in storage equipment and cabling unit

Thanks to the proper space considered in the back of the motherboard tray, cabling, and management of the cables will be done more conveniently. Also supports up to five 2.5” drives and up to four 3.5” drives is one of the other distinguishing features of the Z6 ARTEMIS case.


Extended interior space with least limitation in supporting modern components

Supporting motherboards with maximum dimensions of E-ATX (12”×13”), high-end graphics card with a maximum length of 375mm and 170mm high air cooling caused no worries about installing modern and high-end components for users in this case. In fact, the highly extended and optimized interior space in this 8 expansion slot mid-range case is similar to high-level, full-tower cases in many ways.


Efficient fan/lightning controller and equipped with remote control

The ability to provide dozens of various lightning effects, speed adjustment and stopping the effects, and synchronizing fan rotation speed (PWM) and lightning effects with motherboards equipped with 3pin ARGB socket or 3pin VDG with 5V voltage is one of the most important features of this modern 9 channel controller.


Front panel equipped with modern and extremely durable ports

For the front panel of the Z6 ARTEMIS case, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and HD Audio-type sound input and output are considered. Moreover, due to the application of stainless steel and improving materials used in these ports, their lifetime and permanence have significantly increased and oxidation of the metal used in these ports is impossible even in highly humid areas. Also, in addition to remote control, it is possible to change lightning effects through a specific switch (LED) considered in the front panel.


Physical Specification
Case Form Factor Mid-Tower
Dimensions 520mm x 235mm x 465mm
Weight 9500 Gram
Exterior Paint Black
Interior Color Black
Material 0.9mm SPCC
Side Cover Material Tinted Tempered Glass
PSU Cover Yes
Technical Specifications
Expansion Slots 8 Qty
Motherboard Support "Mini-ITX - 6.7" x 6.7 , "micro-ATX - 9.6" x 9.6 , "ATX - 12" x 9.6 , "SSI CEB - 12" x 10.5 , "E-ATX - 12" x 13
Maximum GPU Length 375mm
SLI / CrossFireX Support 2Way / 3Way
Maximum CPU Cooler Height 170mm
Water Cooling Support 120mm , 240mm
PSU Position Top Position
Maximum PSU Length 240mm
Cable Management Yes
Combo Drive Support 2 Qty
HDD Drive Support 4 Qty
SSD Drive Support 3 Qty
Front Panel Ports 2x USB 3.0 , 2x USB 2.0 , HD Audio
Lighting With ARGB LED Fans
Dust Filter Two Magnetic filters in the Top and Front of the case, One filter in the power Inlet
Fan Controller Digital for 9 Fan Speed Control
Total Fan Count 8 Qty
Pre-Installed Fans 5 Qty
Back Fan Mount (Pre-Installed) 2x 120mm
Front Fan Mount (Pre-Installed) 3x 120mm
Bottom Fan Mount 3x 120mm
Installed Fans Specifications
Fan Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan Bearing Hydraulic Bearing
Max Fan RPM 1300RPM ±10%
Max Fan Air Flow 57CFM
Fan Voltage Range 5V - 13.0V - DC
Max Fan Rated Current 0.5A
Fan Lighting Yes (18x ARGB Ring LED)
Warranty and After-sales Service
Warranty Period 24 Mounths
Other Features With 9-channel ARGB fan / lighting hub equipped with remote control (IR) and synchronization with motherboard (MB Sync)

Z6 ARTEMIS Gallery

Sakhtafzarmag Review
5 فروردین, 1399
Rating : 10 / 9.0
Conclusion : کیس GREEN Z6 ARTEMIS را به همه ی کاربران حرفه ای، دختر و پسر، گیمر ها و رندرکاران پیشنهاد می دهیم و به دلیل طراحی جالب و جدید این کیس، هم از نظر ابعاد و هم از نظر جابه جایی محل پاور بدون آسیب رساندن به گردش هوای مناسب کیس، نشان برترین نوآوری، و به دلیل زیبایی ظاهری، نورپردازی بی نظیر و عملکرد خنک آن، نشان منتخب گیمر ها را به آن اهدا می کنیم.

پیشنهاد سخت‌افزارمگ:
کیس GREEN Z6 Artemis یکی از مناسب ترین کیس های جدید در بازار ایران است که با امکانات به روز و متناسب با سیستم های جدید، می تواند در صدر لیست خرید گیمر ها و حرفه ای ها باشد.
User Manual
Manual Containing Installation Guide And Technical Specifications
Size : 1.59MB
Lighting Controller Installation Guide (ARGB HUB User Manual)
Dedicated And Complete Guide to Installation of Lighting Controller
Size : 1.34MB
GREEN Product Catalog
Full GREEN Product Catalog for Q3-2020
Size : 52.1MB

Lighting capability of this case is compatible with motherboards with 3Pin ARGB sockets (most modern ASUS, MSI, ASRock and GIGABYTE motherboards) with 5V digital addressable RGB.

خیر، سوکت های 4Pin RGB دارای سیگنال آنالوگ و ولتاژ خروجی 12V هستند و با کنترلر نورپردازی این کیس سازگاری ندارند. قابلیت همگام سازی نورپردازی کنترلر این کیس تنها با مادربرد های دارای سوکت 3Pin ARGB و یا 3Pin VDG با ولتاژ 5V از نوع دیجیتال یا Addressable RGB سازگاری دارد.

No, 4Pin RGB sockets have analog signal and 12V output voltage and are not compatible with the case's lighting controller. The lighting controller synchronization capability of this case is only compatible with motherboards with 3Pin ARGB socket with 5V digital or Addressable RGB.

Yes. Users with RGB-powered power supplies can choose a direction to place the power fan facing the glass case of the case. Also, in the cover section on the right side of the case, an air inlet duct is provided so that users who for any reason decide to install the power supply in the other direction do not have a problem with the air inlet power supply.

Make sure the 2-pin LED SW connector on the front panel is connected to the LED_SW socket on the lighting controller.

There are many factors involved in choosing the right case.
* Ability to install standard and convenient parts
* Proper cooling potential and cooling system
* Strength and stability commensurate with the internal components
* features such as input and output ports of the case
* Appearance and functionality with the place of use of the system (office, home, gaming, server and industrial)

The disadvantages of non-standard cases include the following:
* Interference of electromagnetic waves
* Impossibility of correct installation of parts inside non-standard cases
* Lack of strength of the panel and the body of the case
* Do not use the HD port in the audio output and non-standard output input ports
* Despite mentioning the USB2.0 port on the case, most cheap cases on the market have a USB1.1 port
* Lack of uniformity of glands in the integrated case system and the possibility of failure if there is a problem with the system input power
* Lack of proper ventilation of parts

By referring to the technical "Specifications" table of the case (maximum length of the graphics card) and matching the number inserted in the technical specifications table with the dimensions mentioned by the main manufacturer of the graphics card

By referring to the technical "Specifications" table of the case (maximum cooling height and the possibility of installing water cooling) and matching the number entered in the technical specifications table with the dimensions mentioned by the main cooler's manufacturer

By referring to the technical "Specifications" table of the case (maximum power length) and matching the number inserted in the technical specifications table with the dimensions mentioned by the main power manufacturer

By referring to the table of technical "Specifications" and matching the number entered with the desired number of storage devices

* The physical aspect of Case's warranty:
As you know, physical damage to any piece of hardware will not be covered by the warranty, and the physical warranty of the case is only for new products and before the system assembly. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a physical look at the case in the presence of the seller and make sure that its appearance is fine.

* Warranty of electronic and mechanical parts of the case:
However, you may not be able to make sure that some of the electronic and mechanical components of the case are in good condition by observing them. Therefore, all electronic components of GREEN cases, including USB and Audio ports, as well as mechanical components, including pre-installed fans of the case, will be covered by the GREEN Warranty for a period of 24 months from the date of manufacture. It should be noted that the warranty of these electronic and mechanical parts will not include their physical damage.

Due to the impossibility of investigating the problem that has arisen in the company's internal transportation system or by the esteemed buyer, it is definitely recommended to take a closer look at the case in the presence of the seller and make sure of the appearance of its body. Otherwise, providing services to physically damaged cases will involve cost and possibly time due to supply the part.

To install the fans by default on the case by GREEN is correct, but if you want to move or add a fan to the case, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
* To enter the cool air from the front, it is on the main door of the case and the bottom of the case
* For hot air outlet from the back and roof of the case
* In all standard fans, on the back of the fan, where the label of technical specifications and the name of the fan are mentioned, which is the output and direction of the fan flow in this direction.

In general, there are three types of sockets for connecting case fans:
a) 3-pin socket
b) 4-pin PWM socket
c) 4-pin Molex socket
The 3-pin and 4-pin PWM sockets must be connected to your motherboard, or if there is a controller fan on the case, it must be connected to the case controller fan, and in these two models it is possible to control the fan speed by the motherboard or the controller fan.
The 4-pin Molex model connects directly to the system power supply and it is not possible to control the fan speed

In this video, the reasons and solutions to solve this problem are fully explained:


If you encounter a special case in which you could not choose the right case, you can call +982188911378 (ext. 7551 to 7555) and our experts will answer your questions in this regard.