Proper viscosity, electrical insulation, long life, excellent heat transfer coefficient along with sufficient volume for multiple uses are the most important features of GT-4 Premium thermal paste.

  • Electrically insulated to ensure hardware health during installation
  • Very high heat transfer coefficient
  • Suitable viscosity for quick and easy distribution at room temperature
  • Very long life even in the harshest temperature and humidity conditions
  • Suitable volume for use between 8 to 15 times
  • Embedding a special spatula in the product package to facilitate easy and uniform distribution of paste


Despite the significant advances that have been made in the design and production of coolers, it is still very important to provide a good thermal paste with good heat transfer! Because without the use of quality thermal paste, even the strongest coolers will not have good efficiency. Therefore, in order to update and complete its product portfolio, GREEN has introduced a new GT-4 Premium thermal paste.

خمیرسیلیکون حرارتی گرین GT4_Premium
The constituents of a thermal paste are directly influential in determining its thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, concentration, and durability. In this regard, the GREEN team has used new formulations and quality materials in the production of GT-4 Premium thermal paste, which has brought the highest heat transfer coefficient and efficiency for professional use.

خمیرسیلیکون حرارتی گرین GT4_Premium
Another feature of GT-4 Premium thermal paste is its ability to be used in a wide temperature range from -40 to +40 ° C. Therefore, this paste can be used for different types of processors and graphics cards with different TDP. Also, a special spatula is embedded in the product package, which in addition to facilitating easy and even distribution of the dough, prevents scratches on the surface of the parts.

Technical Specifications
Cooling Family Thermal Paste
Model GT-4 Premium
Color Gray
Weight 4 Gram
Usable Times 8 to 15 times
Continuous Output Rated Temperature 40°C ~ +240°C-
Thermal Conductivity 5.0W/m.K

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Sakhtafzar Review
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Rating : 5.0/ 4.6
Conclusion : در این بررسی به سنجش کارایی خمیر حرارتی سیلیکون بیس (خمیر سیلیکون) جدید شرکت سیاره سبز و با نام تجاری گرین با نام GREEN GT4-Premium پرداختیم. این گریس حرارتی در طول تست ها کارایی بسیار خوبی را از خود نشان داد و توانست بهتر از رقبایی مانند CFIII و Z9 عمل کند. وزن خشک این خمیر حرارتی مناسب و قیمت آن کاملا رقابتی است. تنها مشکل این خمیر حرارتی نحوه پخش کردن آن است که پیش تر توضیح دادیم. در صورتیکه در نسخه های بعدی این مشکل نیز برطرف گردد، با خمیر حرارتی فوق العاده ای طرف خواهیم بود!
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Size : 52.1MB

This thermal paste, is used to fill microscopic gaps between the CPU, GPU, and heatsink surfaces of various water and air coolers.

This paste can be used on different types of processors (CPU), graphics processors (GPU), and motherboard chipsets.

Depending on the type of piece and on average you can use this dough between 8 to 15 times.

The life of this paste varies according to the temperature, temperature changes, humidity, and dust in the environment. Of course, even in the worst possible conditions, we guarantee the life of this paste for more than 3 years.

No. This paste is completely non-conductive and is considered electrically.

Yes. The chemical composition of this paste is toxic and dangerous. Avoid contact with skin as much as possible. Also, see a doctor immediately if swallowed.