The GLACIER ARGB series is the third generation of GREEN water coolers, which in addition to having all the features of previous generations, such as ultra-quiet water pump, 9-bridge motor equipped with Ceramic Bearing technology, copper water block with Micro Channel technology; In the new generation, it is equipped with a new radiator with more efficiency and, of course, extremely eye-catching ARGB lighting. High performance with higher reliability, exemplary build quality along with stunning ARGB lighting with MB SYNC matching capability are just some of the features of the new Water coolings series.

  •     Copper water block with 0.15mm Micro Channel technology
  •     Water pump equipped with 9 bridge motor and core with Ceramic Bearing technology
  •     The new radiator is optimized all-aluminum for maximum efficiency
  •     New Coolant with a new formulation to transfer heat with high efficiency and prevent water block oxidation
  •     With 120mm fans equipped with core technology (FSB) (Fluid Shield Bearing and ARGB lighting)
  •     Has ARGB fan capability and water block with sync capability (MB Sync)
  •     Comes with ARGB lighting controller equipped with remote control (radio)
  •     Has the ability to control light intensity and speed of more than 10 effects and 366 different lighting modes
  •     Has the ability to easily remove the fan blade for service with more ease
  •     Having thick and durable pipes equipped with woven cover
  •     Very strong connections and multi-stage sealing to prevent possible leaks
  •     Extremely long life and ultra-low water pump noise
  •     Low weight and quick and easy installation
  •     Comes with a 1.5 gram tube of GREEN GT-4 Premium thermal paste
  •     Suitable for gaming, overclocking, server and workstation systems
  •     Compatibility with all processor sockets of Intel and AMD platforms
  •     Has 25 months Green warranty and 5 years after-sales service


Extraordinarily eye-catching ARGB lighting
Glacier ARGB GREEN series water coolers are equipped with fans and blocks with extremely eye-catching and modern ARGB lighting. Thanks to the lighting controller intended for this series, the ability to select dozens of different effects and colors are provided. In addition, the ability to synchronize the lighting of this cooler with motherboards or systems of the same type ARGB (3Pin with 5V voltage) is also considered for this series.


240mm radiator with 2 powerful 120mm fans

3 ultra-powerful ARGB fans with an airflow of more than 80CFM along with an optimized 360mm radiator will give you a very high potential for heat dissipation of the most powerful and at the same time most consuming modern processors.

Powerful fans equipped with FSB bearings

GREEN Glacier ARGB series water coolers are equipped with ultra-powerful and, of course, low-noise fans of the Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB) type. The special design of the fan blades (inspired by shark fins) will cause more concentration of air flow and pressure in the radiator fins, in addition to the silicone pads embedded in the 4 sides of the fan for any vibration or vibration and Possible neutralize the fans.


Bright and durable 5050 RGB light emitting diodes
Glacier ARGB GREEN series water cooling fan lighting is provided by nine 5050 type RGB LEDs from the central part of the fans. Thanks to the extremely bright and durable light emitting diodes and of course the ability to adjust the brightness by the internal controller, you will see very eye-catching and dazzling effects.


ARGB controller equipped with radio remote control

Thanks to the ARGB controller for Glacier ARGB series water coolers, even users with motherboards uncompatible with this lighting technique can enjoy dozens of very eye-catching lighting effects in this series. This controller also becomes a radio remote control, which in addition to the ability to adjust colors and lighting effects, the ability to adjust the light and speed of change of effects.


New generation optimized radiator

Thanks to the new and optimized all-aluminum radiator of the Glacier ARGB series water coolers, the efficiency of these models has increased significantly compared to the previous generation, and its new angular design has given this cooler a more modern look.


Water pump equipped with 9 bridge motor and core with Ceramic Bearing technology

One of the rare features of water coolers in this series is the 9-bridge motor and their core with Ceramic Bearing water pump technology. In practice, these features reduce noise, increase life, as well as reduce power consumption and heat emitted by the pump. In addition to the very precise manufacturing process, multi-stage sealing of joints and multi-layer quality control in the construction of the water block of this cooler, guarantee the safety factor and the quality of its performance even in the worst possible conditions.


Waterblock with copper base and 0.15mm Micro Channel structure

The 0.15mm Micro Channel structure used in the all-copper water block in Glacier ARGB series water coolers has significantly increased the contact surface of the coolant with this section. This technology, which is one of the most modern water block optimization techniques, plays a decisive role in increasing the efficiency of water coolers.


Two-layer braided liquid transfer pipes

This series of water coolers are equipped with double-layer pipes with the braided tubes. These thick pipes, in addition to very high durability and good flexibility, are resistant to scratches or sharp objects, and overall, they have given a very beautiful and professional look to these coolers.


Support for AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform processors

Unlike many similar models, the Glacier ARGB series water coolers, in addition to the installation accessories of all common Intel and AMD sockets, also have a special bracket for mounting on the AMD sTR4 socket. High performance, suitable dimensions of the full copper water block, and very fast and easy installation method are the most important features of this series for maximum compatibility with the high-consumption processors of this platform.


Physical Specification
Cooling Family Liquid Cooling
Water Cooling Type 240mm AIO Water Cooling
Radiator Dimension 274mm x 120mm x 27mm
Water Block Dimension 52mm x 58mm
Water Pump Dimension 60mm x 55mm x 43mm
Fan Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Radiator Material Pure Aluminum
Tubes Type 315mm / 12.5mm Rubber Braided Large Diameter Tubes
Water Block Technology 0.15mm Micro Channel Copper Base Technology
Pump Specification
Water Pump Bearing type Enhanced Ceramic Bearing
Water Pump Noise MAX 19dBA
Water Pump Voltage Current (12V / 0.25A (Pump) + 5V / 0.4A (ARGB
Water Pump Power Consumption (3W (Pump) + 2W (ARGB
Water Pump Connector Type 3Pin
Water Pump MTBF 80.000Hrs
Fan Specification
Number and Type of Fan 2x 120mm High-Flow Blade Design
Fan Lighting (ARGB (Addressable RGB
Fan Speed 800-2100RPM ±5%
Fan Bearing (Fluid Shield Bearing (FSB
Max Fan Air Flow 2x 80CFM
Max Fan Air Pressure 3.2mmH2O
Fan Noise 19-26dBA
Fan Voltage Current (12V / 0.35A (FAN) + 5V / 0.42A (ARGB
Fan Power Consumption (2x 4.2W (FAN) + 2x 2.1W (ARGB
Fan Connector Type 4Pin PWM
Fan MTBF 100.000Hrs
Thermal Paste Specification
Thermal Grease Type & Weight (GT-4 PREMIUM / 0.5ml (1.5g
Socket Support
Intel Sockets LGA775 , LGA1151 , LGA1155 , LGA1366 , LGA2011 , LGA2066 , LGA1156 , LGA1200
AMD Sockets AM4 , AM3/+ , AM2/+ , FM1 , +/FM2 , sTR4
TDP Support 220W
Additional Details ARGB lighting controller equipped with remote control (radio) with the possibility of controlling light intensity and speed of more than 10 effects and 366 different lighting modes
Warranty Period 25 Months

GLACIER 240 ARGB Gallery

User Manual
Manual Containing Installation Guide And Technical Specifications
Size : 4.08MB
GREEN Product Catalog
Full GREEN Product Catalog for Q3-2020
Size : 52.1MB

The synchronization capability of this cooler is compatible with motherboards that have a 3Pin ARGB header (most motherboards like GIGABYTE, ASUS, MSI, ASRock) with a 5V digital addressable RGB header.

No, the 4Pin RGB header has an analog signal and 12V output voltage and are not compatible with the lighting controller of this cooler. The ability to synchronize the lighting of this cooling controller is only compatible with systems or motherboards with 3Pin ARGB sockets with 5V voltage of digital or Addressable RGB type.

No. In this case, it is recommended to connect the ARGB water block connector and fans directly to the motherboard header for synchronizing the lighting of all parts of the system.

To adjust the speed of the lighting effects, you must first stop the lighting effect cycle (press the on button)

To solve this problem, first, turn off all coolers. Then turn on the first cooler, then press the magenta button and hold it (bottom left button) for 5 seconds, from now on the cooler will be paired only with the same remote control. To deactivate this mode, just press the white button and hold for 5 seconds

If the remote control battery is in good condition, its operating range will be approximately within 10 meters.

Dear customer, while thanking you for your choice, this product is supported by the guarantee of GREEN, and the damages caused by the technical defects of the device, the materials used and the defects caused by the production,
They are included in the Green Warranty for 18 months.

• Please bring the box and all accessories of it with you when you visit.

• Any change in the main specifications, opening of the water block or transfer pipes of the device by unauthorized persons, damage to the connectors, and damage to the device serial; Will void the warranty.

• Any attempt to replace, increase or decrease the coolant will invalidate the warranty.

• If the warranty conditions are provided, this device will be repaired or replaced with a "brand-new" device at the discretion of the warranty experts.

• Due to the rapid change and evolution of computer parts, in the absence of the original model of the device, a similar device model and taking into account the current price, will be presented.

• This warranty only includes the water cooling device and in case of damage to other parts of the system, the GREEN Warranty will not be responsible.

• If your motherboard has a 4Pin socket called "Pump_Fan" or "AIO_Pump":

- Connect the 3Pin Waterblock socket to the "Pump_Fan" or "AIO_Pump" socket and the fans to the CPU_fan socket through the 1 to 2 conversions in the contents of the box (for models equipped with 240 / 360mm radiator).

• If your motherboard does not have a 4Pin socket called "Pump_Fan" or "AIO_Pump":

- Connect the 3Pin water block socket to the SYS_Fan or CPU_OPT socket and the fans to the CPU_Fan socket through the 1 to 2 conversions in the contents inside the box (for models equipped with 240 / 360mm radiator).

Since it is recommended to always set the rotation speed of the pump to the maximum for the best performance, most water cooling systems on the market have a pump with a 3Pin socket. Connecting 3Pin connectors to 4pin sockets is completely standard and only the PWM control feature will be disabled so the pump will always run at maximum speed.

GREEN water cooling fans are PWM type and can be controlled even with DC Voltage control technique. To do this, enable features such as Q-Fan or Smart Fan in your motherboard Bios settings.

• If you install the water cooling radiator on the roof or rear tray of the case:

- The fans should direct the air to the radiator and hot air should come out of the ceiling or behind the case.

• If you install the water cooling radiator on the front tray of the case:

- Fans must suck air from the outside to the inside of the radiator.